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Hack the Piano

I am rewriting my book Hack the Piano, which - after receiving dozens of 5-star reviews for its ebook edition - will now premiere as a physical book.

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    "You took the mystery out of what I hear when I listen to contemporary piano and that’s not to say that your approach is good just for pop piano. I think it’s THE best way to learn piano!"



    Don't want to wait?

    What is Hack the Piano all about?

    • It's NOT just another "learn to read sheets fast" method
    • It's NOT some "one-trick-pony" tutorial showing you how to play a song - though it will teach you how you can play ANY song you'd want - by heart
    • It's NOT a "how to play form lead sheets"-guide - though it will allow you to play any type of chord / progression out there
    • It's NOT a jazz-standards bible - though it will make you understand how to build & voice colorful pop-, rock-, funk-, soul- and jazzy chords
    • It's NOT an ear-training program - although it will finally show you how all those favorite artists of yours never need a single sheet in front of them

    Hack the Piano is A SHORTCUT

    But the funny thing is - this "shortcut" is the actual way professional musicians think when playing.

    Hack the Piano is not some "cheap" hack, but is in fact the actual approach that pro pop-piano players use.

    How would that be... to see what goes on inside the mind of your favorite pianists (Elton, Billy, Stevie, Jamie, Alicia, John... etc.) when they play their amazing piano parts...?

    Hack the Piano shows exactly that - and how you can use that knowledge to sound exactly like them, without ever needing sheet-music again.